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As of June 1, 2014 Puffinpopcorn.com will not be accepting orders indefinitely.

Non GMO / Gluten-Free Natural and Organic Flavors

Welcome to Puffinpopcorn.com!  We specialize in gourmet, Non GMO popcorn made with natural and organic flavors.  Our popcorn company started when we fell in love with the huge varieties of gourmet popcorn out there.  We started to make our own when we found that so many gourmet popcorn flavorings came from a jug, tube, or jar filled with preservatives and chemicals.  We did some research and found that not only can we make great tasting popcorn we can do it in a way that uses organic and healthy popcorn ingredients.  Its a great popcorn gift for family and friends. 

During our research we found that more than 90% of corn grown in the US is a genetically modified organism or GMO.  This means most of the corn you eat has had its genetic makeup altered to make it resistant to pesticides, herbicides, and drought conditions.  The resulting corn has been shown to cause certain forms of cancer as well as advanced aging and other disease.  Most sugar sold in the US is GMO as well.

We found a supplier of Non GMO popcorn and started creating recipes on our own.  The result was amazing and unique flavors with all the health benefits of popcorn.  We create the best non gmo popcorn in Indian Trail.  Our popcorn will not be able to sit on a grocery store shelf for six months like a lot of brands, but we are fine with that.  We'd rather not put chemicals and preservatives in our bodies just for a snack. 

So whether its a big game with friends, movie night, or just spending time with the family, you can rest assured that you are keeping yourself and your family safe while enjoying a great tasting snack. Enjoy!  .

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